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  1. Harpers Ferry Area Shuttles North and South

    Trailboss (GA-ME 2007) is providing shuttles anywhere between Harpers Ferry North to PA or South to SNP. Text 703-967-2226 or email
  2. WOW - please excuse the typos! Title should read:...

    WOW - please excuse the typos! Title should read:

    Harpers Ferry Flip Flop Festival - Make your reservation soon!
  3. Harepers ferry flip flop festival - make your reservation soon!

    Marbrun House still has a private bed and bath available for ATC's Flip Flop Festival - April 21-23, 2017. Find us on Airbnb or contact Trailboss directly at We can also...
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    NEW Shuttle Service - Harpers Ferry

    Chris "Trailboss" Brunton is ready and able to provide shuttle services from and to the Harpers Ferry area. We also have a bed and bath available for hike start and/or end days. Contact Chris at...
  5. NEW Airbnb in Harpers Ferry - Hikers Welcomed!

    Chris "Trailboss" Brunton and Sandi - former caretakers at the Blackburn Trail Center - have a new home in Harpers Ferry and a bed and bath available for stay. We also have parking and can provide...
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