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    Red Wolf

    A.T. Museum ~ Update

    Thread Starter: Red Wolf

    The Old Mill / Pine Grove State Park, PA

    Here are some excerpts from recent letters regarding the A T Museum

    Last Post By: Red Wolf Today, 16:48 Go to last post

    Missing Thru-Hiker

    Thread Starter: DownYonder

    This man is missing. Began thru-hike on Friday.


    Last Post By: Tipi Walter Today, 16:46 Go to last post
    Time Zone

    Troubleshooting Cat Stove - pls help

    Thread Starter: Time Zone

    Disappointing performance with fancy feast stove (just the can and holes) this past weekend in 40F weather, minimal wind (about 0-3 mph). Setup is:

    Last Post By: Deadeye Today, 16:16 Go to last post

    Health Insurance

    Thread Starter: WesleyCBruce

    I've heard of people getting health insurance for thru hikes. My google searches have not been helpful yet, so I'm curious if people can share what they

    Last Post By: rmitchell Today, 15:47 Go to last post

    FS: ULA Ohm 2.0 and ULA CDT

    Thread Starter: C4web88

    Hey guys. Posted up this Ohm 2.0 last year but sale fell through and it's been collecting dust in the gear closet. The Ohm 2.0 is a Large torso with Medium

    Last Post By: ant Today, 15:07 Go to last post

    Pack Size Question

    Thread Starter: arrowdog

    I am looking to buy a backpack for my son who is in Boy Scouts. He will be doing some high adventure outings over the next several years, so I would like

    Last Post By: needlefish Today, 12:48 Go to last post