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    Satellite Messengers and Locator Beacons

    Thread Starter: sethd513

    What do you use? How is the interface for users and also people looking into your location? Needs to work in cold temperatures. It seems like spot is

    Last Post By: Gambit McCrae Today, 13:39 Go to last post

    seek outside gila packs

    Thread Starter: TMathers

    You dont really hear to much from this company based out of colorado .
    I have one of there gila packs and for heavier loads I think it is one of

    Last Post By: Zalman Today, 13:39 Go to last post

    Ditching my Kelty Cosmic 20

    Thread Starter: MattSin97

    Hey everyone!

    So I was finally able to test out my Kelty Comsic 20 and it did not live up to expectations. I went out in around 40 degrees

    Last Post By: ant Today, 13:38 Go to last post

    Food Optimization on the Trail

    Thread Starter: Trambo

    I will admit that I am a food enthusiast. I am working on developing a new way of trail nutrition. My thoughts of this nutritional theory stem from

    Last Post By: Gambit McCrae Today, 13:38 Go to last post

    Federal shutdown also hits Appalachian Trail - WHSV

    Thread Starter: WhiteBlaze

    <a href="https://www.whsv.com/content/news/Federal-shutdown-also-hits-Appalachian-Trail-504336961.html" target="_blank">Federal

    Last Post By: Gambit McCrae Today, 13:36 Go to last post

    Topo / elevation over distance

    Thread Starter: NumNum

    Iím looking for topo software that allows me to plot my hikes and give me the elevation profile that also shows distance.

    I currently use

    Last Post By: alborg2 Today, 13:23 Go to last post