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    coach lou

    Mlk vii

    Thread Starter: coach lou

    We have discussed Meeting Saturday Night at Big Hill Shelter, in Harriman Park. Exit 15 Palisade Parkway or exit 14. 15 is Route 106, 14 is route 98/106.

    Last Post By: Another Kevin Today, 16:50 Go to last post
    Crazy Larry #1

    American Tactical and the AT Symbol

    Thread Starter: Crazy Larry #1

    American Tactical has been using the AT symbol for over eight years, The ATC challenged them but was not as successful as they wished by having them drop

    Last Post By: FrogLevel Today, 16:45 Go to last post

    Mountain Harbour Bed and Breakfast, near 19E

    Thread Starter: Bootstrap

    I had a really good experience with the Mountain Harbour Bed and Breakfast this last weekend. They have a *wonderful* hiker's cabin, with both a 4-bed

    Last Post By: Gambit McCrae Today, 16:27 Go to last post

    Rain/Wind mitts

    Thread Starter: devoidapop

    I got a pair of possum down liner gloves for Christmas and I was looking at shell mittens to pair with them. The three options I've found are

    Last Post By: Leo L. Today, 16:19 Go to last post

    Garbage burning at the evening campfire

    Thread Starter: 4runner

    Anyone have any reasonable suggestions for discouraging the burning of garbage at the evening campfire??

    I have a tough time, even with campers

    Last Post By: Another Kevin Today, 15:06 Go to last post

    Going Solo

    Thread Starter: Miss.Entropy

    Greetings, all.

    My plan is to begin a NOBO adventure in March 2020, when I throttle back on work a bit. I'll be 60 and more than ready

    Last Post By: Marta Today, 15:01 Go to last post