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    Which routes?

    Thread Starter: Wesgoat

    I am gonna be attempting a FT thru hike beginning next week. I have read alot on the FTA and Florida Hikes websites. Also, have Guthooks app. Would like

    Last Post By: ldsailor Today, 13:38 Go to last post

    Camera for recording video

    Thread Starter: stilllife

    Looking for camera suggestions for recording good quality video as well as good pics on the trail . Preferably light weight with lense built in. Not

    Last Post By: Vince G Today, 13:34 Go to last post

    Ground cover / closed cell foam pad needed for winter hiking?

    Thread Starter: SkeeterPee

    Other times I have went hiking in November I have taken a zlite foam pad in addition to an inflatable mattress pad. Also I have taken a Tyvek ground

    Last Post By: Tipi Walter Today, 12:42 Go to last post

    Guthook's AT Guide Comments Update?

    Thread Starter: Carbo

    Anyone know when the comments are updated in the Guthook app? Just browsing through the app and the latest comments seem to all be from 2018.

    Last Post By: Carbo Today, 11:40 Go to last post

    How many times have you fallen?

    Thread Starter: FlyPaper

    I'm sure I "stumble" at least every day on the trail and likely look kind of goofy as I recover, but rarely has this let to my actually completely

    Last Post By: saltysack Today, 11:26 Go to last post

    Clothing list for AT NOBO hike starting Feb 11

    Thread Starter: SkeeterPee

    Here is what I am thinking of taking at the start in the colder weather. My thoughts are if I get wet I would put wet clothes back on, but it would be

    Last Post By: orthofingers Today, 09:24 Go to last post