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    How did isolation affect you?

    Thread Starter: superfly-SY

    While I continue to gather stories for my writing project, I have come across some interesting concepts. One is how differently being isolated from the

    Last Post By: Bucketfoot Today, 01:59 Go to last post
    Mother Natures Son


    Thread Starter: Mother Natures Son

    Tonight for dinner we had On-Cor's, Rib-like patties. My wife and I both tasted it and together said, "SPAM"! What the best way to use Spam

    Last Post By: lonehiker Today, 01:50 Go to last post

    Trail guide to get you started?

    Thread Starter: Stitches

    I live in Dahlonega, GA and will be retiring from teaching in a few short weeks. I am thinking about starting a business to be a teacher and guide for

    Last Post By: RuthN Today, 01:03 Go to last post

    removed from discussion?

    Thread Starter: blw2

    I was just browsing the new posts since my last visit...
    came across the thread about leaving on a through hike while kids left at home with spouse.

    Last Post By: Alligator Today, 00:50 Go to last post
    Paul johnson

    Hiking "teaching " partner

    Thread Starter: Paul johnson

    I plan on a 2018 thru hike. I am needing to get the ball rolling. I would like some help with gear selection and doing a 2-3 day hike. in other words

    Last Post By: MuddyWaters Today, 00:28 Go to last post

    Official start and end of white mountains and 100 Mile Wilderness on the AT

    Thread Starter: Kulliman

    Can someone tell me what the official White Mountains and 100 Mile Wilderness start and end points are on the Appalachian Trail, such as in miles from

    Last Post By: Slo-go'en Today, 00:22 Go to last post