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    Very overwhelmed by summer sleeping blanket options... aaagghhh

    Thread Starter: OhioHiker

    I am on a quest to lighten my base weight, hopefully in an attempt to carry a..... chair! lol. Anyhow looking for a summer, sleep system that is firstly,

    Last Post By: JNI64 Today, 13:21 Go to last post

    B&M Brown Bread With Raisins

    Thread Starter: zelph

    You Easterners should be able to give me some good ways to prepare this as a trail snack. A local store here in the midwest says it's a seasonal item,

    Last Post By: zelph Today, 13:12 Go to last post

    The Appalachian Trail Conservancy Won’t Recognize Your 2021 Thru-Hike for Now - Backp

    Thread Starter: WhiteBlaze

    <a href="https://www.backpacker.com/news-and-events/the-appalachian-trail-conservancy-wont-recognize-your-2021-thru-hike-for-now" target="_blank">The

    Last Post By: jigsaw Today, 12:55 Go to last post

    Camp shoes?

    Thread Starter: Bubblehead

    For LASH, camp shoes or no camp shoes? Trying to decrease my base weight. Is leaving camp shoes out worth the decreased weight? My camp shoes are 9 oz....

    Last Post By: Crossbar Today, 12:23 Go to last post

    What wind speed cancels your trip?

    Thread Starter: JPritch

    I'm on the fence about a trip this weekend. I am prepared to deal with the cold, but due to 30-35 mph winds with gusts to 43, I was planning to "tuck

    Last Post By: 4eyedbuzzard Today, 11:52 Go to last post

    bonding tyvek

    Thread Starter: petedelisio

    What's best for bonding Tyvek together besides the addition of sewing? particularly for tieout reinforcements? And what adhesives better or worst than

    Last Post By: cmoulder Today, 11:21 Go to last post