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    by Published on 02-18-2012 10:01
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    If you are thinking about keeping a journal during your hike, I highly recommend it. Keeping a journal is something that you will never regret and will greatly appreciate later on in life. As the days and years go by after the conclusion of your hike memories get vague and fuzzy on how events happened and what took place during your hike. Time has a way of making us forget things. Keeping a journal of some type will allow you to go back and recapture all those memories and feelings that you experienced. Your journal is a souvenir to your future self. You will be able to look back and smile and laugh when you reread it, a truly priceless gift. It will also anchor you to where you were at a given point in time on and off the trail during your hike.
    I find myself going back and looking at my journals to see where I was on a certain date during my hike and end up reading through the entire day’s entry. It brings my mind back to the places I was and sometimes just reading that journal entry reminds me of things I forgot to include. The journal was such a great gift to me.


    George G. Spearing

    Hiking, and in particular hiking in remote areas, is a great experience if approached with due regard for fitness, safety and skill. One of the major skill categories, is the ability to navigate with or without compass and map. Ideally, no one should head off the beaten track without map or compass, but what if you find yourself in ...

    River Crossing Safety Tips
    George G. Spearing

    River crossings can be deceptively hazardous. Even a very shallow swiftly flowing body of water can pack enough force to 'skittle' the unwary. If you cannot ...

    Hiking With a Dog Considerations
    1. Type of relationship you have with your dog
    2. Breed of dog
    3. Will the dog carry a pack
    4. Dog boots
    5. Is the dog fully socialized
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    The Thru-Hiker's Medical Guide
    By: Stewart Anderson, MD PCT Cabron

    About me: I grew up in Texas and went to med school there in Galveston. After which, I walked the PCT from So Cal to Canada in 2003 between my internship and residency in Emergency Medicine in Boston, MA.

    I began thinking about writing this guide about 4 years ago while plodding my way up the PCT. Then, in 2006, I passed out a survey on the AT and PCT to see what were the most common injuries and illnesses, and from that and my own experience came this guide. I also leaned heavily on a few excellent and thorough texts and websites that I recommend if you’re interested in learning more (they are listed at the end). In the interest of keeping the guide light and useful, I purposely did not dwell on disaster injuries, like “I fell off a cliff and broke my_____”. If this happens make the crooked things straight and get help.
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    This listing is five years old and needs to be update. I have not had time to work on it. If anyone would like to help,
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    This listing is out of date. The new listing is here: https://whiteblaze.net/forum/shuttles-2016.php Some of the information included

    WhiteBlaze Shuttle listing, last updated 01/09/2015

     Some of the information included in this list is from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy site and can be found in the original format here:

    A.T. Shuttle and Public Transportation Providers 

    Hanover NH to Monson Maine Printable version
    By Jack “Baltimore Jack” Tarlin
    Most recently Updated February 2007
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