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    Game Warden

    Tarps vs bugs

    Thread Starter: Game Warden

    I am thinking about going to a tarp shelter instead of a tent. My chief concern is mosquitos. Does anyone have any experience in bug season with a tarp?

    Last Post By: 4eyedbuzzard Today, 11:34 Go to last post

    Bombas Socks

    Thread Starter: Storminnorman

    I was given a few pair of Bombas hiking socks. Has anyone tried them out on the trail and if so how did they work out for you?

    Last Post By: Storminnorman Today, 10:46 Go to last post

    Justus Mountain re-route?

    Thread Starter: mclaught

    Hey all, I am just confirming that the trail currently goes around Justus and not over it. I have read that the re-route is a temporary thing to allow

    Last Post By: skater Today, 10:43 Go to last post

    Fuel Canisters Packed in pack for bus rides

    Thread Starter: Mouser999

    When having to take a bus to a starting point, how do you handle fuel canisters in you pack?
    Most bus companies state no fuels to be carrried while

    Last Post By: Slo-go'en Today, 10:22 Go to last post

    which alcohol stove do you prefer?

    Thread Starter: needlefish

    I've been using a DIY Zelph style Fancy Feast but have also occasionally used a Rucas stove. So what alcohol stove do you use?

    Last Post By: needlefish Today, 08:06 Go to last post

    Trekking Poles, Carry On, TSA, all that....

    Thread Starter: GolfHiker

    Iím guessing the topic of putting your Hiking Poles in carry on luggage has been addressed previously. I know what TSA says on their website, check em....

    Last Post By: Traveler Today, 08:05 Go to last post