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    Ankle bursitis

    Thread Starter: Wyoming

    Ok I am getting a bit old for sure, but this is a new one for me.

    I am occasionally getting ankle bursitis in my left ankle the last 8

    Last Post By: Wyoming Today, 23:38 Go to last post

    On November 3, GPS Rollover Could Affect Older Phones and GPS Device Accuracy

    Thread Starter: ldsailor

    Below is from the Verizon web site, which explains a potential GPS problem. Apparently, this is associated with the GPS week number roll over that took

    Last Post By: jefals Today, 23:31 Go to last post

    Another cautionary tale - broken leg

    Thread Starter: Wyoming

    Another interesting tale from which lessons can be learned.

    He would have appreciated having those oxy tablets I carry in my first aid kit

    Last Post By: Wyoming Today, 23:18 Go to last post

    Queen/King size 5 degree quilt for couples

    Thread Starter: doeontrail

    I am searching for a 0 or 10 degree quilt for my husband and I when we start our thru hike in September 2019 (South bound from Harper's Ferry, then flipping

    Last Post By: colorado_rob Today, 22:51 Go to last post

    Nalgene 1L for cold months

    Thread Starter: orthofingers

    I'll be stepping off NOBO on or about 1 March 2020 from Springer for a two month LASH. (I know . . . Better weather, more daylight, lighter pack if I

    Last Post By: colorado_rob Today, 22:45 Go to last post

    Group of 104 on trail in NC

    Thread Starter: splash1986

    Hi Friends,

    This is my first post in years, but I am a long time reader of the site. I wanted to share an experience I had this weekend while

    Last Post By: zelph Today, 21:44 Go to last post