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    Artemis on the Trail

    Road closings and Crossing the Smokeys during the winter.

    Thread Starter: Artemis on the Trail

    It is important to put out there... route 144 that crosses from the south of the park to Gatlinburg and intersects Newfound Gap is usually closed and

    Last Post By: Quik Today, 23:32 Go to last post
    Speakeasy TN

    Death of Roo.

    Thread Starter: Speakeasy TN

    Sad to report that yesterday we lost Roo, who was one of my favorite folks from the 2011 class. He was blindsided by a medical diagnosis just weeks ago

    Last Post By: Dogwood Today, 23:22 Go to last post
    Rowdy Yates

    Zip-up Sleeping bag Liner

    Thread Starter: Rowdy Yates

    Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a zip-up sleeping bag liner rather than the sack type? If there is, who makes them? Thanks.

    Last Post By: Franco Today, 23:10 Go to last post

    Freeze Dried Just Add Water Pouch - Recommendations Please

    Thread Starter: seakayaker

    Just getting started with backpacking. I'm sure I'll experiment with rolling some of my own food. However, I'd also like to know what brands of "off

    Last Post By: Crossup Today, 23:03 Go to last post

    Do you HIKE in sandals?

    Thread Starter: blw2

    What is your preferred sandal for hiking?

    I'm not talking about just as a camp/shower/fording shoe....I'm talking about hiking a trail.

    Last Post By: blw2 Today, 22:54 Go to last post

    Trail Mileage Calculator

    Thread Starter: GolfHiker

    At one time I had the link to a nifty, helpful site that allowed you to insert a starting location ( shelter) & a completion spot. Boom, you got

    Last Post By: Kaptainkriz Today, 22:38 Go to last post