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    summer sausage

    Thread Starter: stilllife

    I bought some summer sausage at the grocery to take hiking for a snack. Just a one nighter. How long does the sausage last after being opened. The

    Last Post By: peakbagger Today, 19:14 Go to last post

    How will coronavirus affect hiking this year?

    Thread Starter: FlyPaper

    Doesn't seem easy to predict. It might be a good time to be away from civilization, but not sure how smart it would be to sleep in shelters.

    Last Post By: HankIV Today, 19:11 Go to last post
    Joe Brewer

    Sleep Apnea and the AT

    Thread Starter: Joe Brewer

    I'm in the early stages of planning my thru hike {2022} Have any hikers used cpap machine on the trail. any info will be helpful. Thanks

    Last Post By: HankIV Today, 19:07 Go to last post

    Any bear problems VA Mi 576 to Mi 546?

    Thread Starter: tommaloney

    I’ve got a friend who’s originally from VA. He hasn’t walked on AT in a while. We’re doing a section SOBO from Mi 576 VA 623 to Mi 546 VA 617 starting

    Last Post By: JNI64 Today, 19:06 Go to last post
    Creature Feature

    Obtaining all my food from stores along the way without relying on drops

    Thread Starter: Creature Feature

    I'm planning my first thru hike for next year and would like to simply buy food along the way and not have to hassle with drop boxes pf pre-made dehydrated

    Last Post By: Dogwood Today, 15:22 Go to last post

    It finally happened...

    Thread Starter: Slo-go'en

    Got bit by a day hiker dog

    Going up the Imp trail for a 2 night hike on the AT. 1/2 mile from the ridge line, I see a couple with a

    Last Post By: simon Today, 12:40 Go to last post