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    Published on 04-03-2012 03:10
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    Cheap Gear – How to Dirt Bag and Deal Shop Like a Professional.

    By SGT Rock
    Last Updated 9 June 2006

    ***Note there are a lot of links in this article that are outside of the WhiteBlaze site, I hope to keep them updated**

    When planning to hike the Appalachian Trail, the average hiker starts putting together a kit by going to the local outfitters, looking at the Internet, or picking up a catalog and then builds a shopping list. After a few minutes of doing this however, the sticker shock for gear can set in and even put the unwary shopper in the hospital if they are not careful. The fact is the latest high tech gear can be VERY expensive, and even the little things that you may need backpacking can add up if you try and buy everything new. Add to that the fact that there is sometimes a belief (or maybe just an urge) that you need to start out on an adventure by completely outfitting yourself from the ground up (or rather from the boots up) in all new gear and clothing in order to have the “hiker” look and feel in all areas. If you are independently wealthy or have nothing better to do with your money stop reading now and go ahead and go to the nearest outfitter and let them load you up. But if you are looking to save some money for better things, then read on…
    Published on 03-03-2012 07:00

    Forward by SGT Rock.

    I'm adding this article because it has some great info about what Giardia really is and how dangerous, or sometimes lack of danger, it really poses. I know that it says "With Particular Attention to the Sierra Nevada " so it should be noted that some parts of this article are written based on data from that area and not the Appalachian Mountain chain. Some things from that article can be inferred to the Appalachians, and others may not necessarily apply. Until someone publishes a study about the Appalachians in particular, there is not much data out there at this time about overall water quality along its length. But again, some of the types of areas specific to human usage could be argued to have corresponding areas in the Appalachian chain.
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