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    Mother Natures Son

    Summer Sausage

    Thread Starter: Mother Natures Son

    Went to the store today to pick up some snacks for the trail. Lo and behold they had summer sausage, which brings back a flood of memories of Pepperidge

    Last Post By: gpburdelljr Today, 16:52 Go to last post

    Fatal bear attack list...

    Thread Starter: Incahiker

    I just found this on wikipedia. I am sure many of you have seen it, but for many of you that haven't, here it is.

    Seems like black bears

    Last Post By: GoldenBear Today, 16:46 Go to last post

    Fall trip in jeopardy?

    Thread Starter: Pacific_Creek

    I had planned on doing the first 50 miles of the trail with my high school senior in october. I had worked pretty hard in the gym to drop 30 lbs and

    Last Post By: johnacraft Today, 16:43 Go to last post

    20F Underquilt: Full Length vs Partial + Pad

    Thread Starter: tessiea

    Considering an AT thru hike starting February 2020. I currently have a UGQ Zeppelin 20 full length underquilt but I'm wondering if this is worth switching

    Last Post By: Jayne Today, 16:37 Go to last post

    Topo maps for unpopular areas?

    Thread Starter: BenK

    Can someone suggest where or how to obtain topo maps for local/unpopular hiking areas? I am specifically looking for Ma and RI. I would like to practice

    Last Post By: atraildreamer Today, 16:24 Go to last post

    lost clothes bag at Wawayanda Shelter

    Thread Starter: Mccabe5

    I left a red stuff sack with clothes in it including the bottoms of my hiking pants at the Wawayanda Shelter on 7/20/19. If you found it please email

    Last Post By: Mouser999 Today, 15:44 Go to last post