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    Red Wolf

    A.T. Museum ~ Update

    Thread Starter: Red Wolf

    The Old Mill / Pine Grove State Park, PA

    Here are some excerpts from recent letters regarding the A T Museum

    Last Post By: Red Wolf Today, 11:57 Go to last post

    Wander women

    Thread Starter: JNI64

    I've caught a couple of these young ladies (at heart) videos ,3 of them hiking together probably mid. 60's . They do little bits the one they did in trail

    Last Post By: ldsailor Today, 11:44 Go to last post

    Best Hiking in the Park - Eastern or Western side?

    Thread Starter: DSPeabody

    In your opinion which side has the best overall hiking?

    Subjective and wide ranging criteria, i know. But wanted to see if there is a consensus

    Last Post By: HooKooDooKu Today, 11:38 Go to last post
    Gambit McCrae

    Second Chance Hiker Takes on the PCT: 200 lbs Overweight

    Thread Starter: Gambit McCrae

    I came across this guy on the tube and at first thought it was crazy. The more videos of his I watch, the more....."Good for him!" Good for

    Last Post By: ldsailor Today, 11:18 Go to last post

    Spence Field Mice / a force to be reckoned with

    Thread Starter: PatmanTN

    I just got back from a weekend loop in the GSMNP and I'm done with shelters. Here's what happened:I normally don't use the shelters much but I got lazy

    Last Post By: HooKooDooKu Today, 11:13 Go to last post
    Red Sky

    Turf Toe issues

    Thread Starter: Red Sky

    I've been having some pain in my right foot recently, specifically the base of the big toe. Has really limited my section hiking this year. Finally got

    Last Post By: Red Sky Today, 11:02 Go to last post