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    Mother Natures Son

    Big Storm

    Thread Starter: Mother Natures Son

    The big Snow and Ice storm is to hit most of the East by Saturday. Near the trail, Snow might get up to 8-12"+ here in S.C. PA. After that, major

    Last Post By: Leo L. Today, 03:01 Go to last post

    Vlog or YouTube.......and how to start?

    Thread Starter: FromSeasToTrees

    Family and friends are asking me to video my hike. Should I use YouTube or is there something else? And any help on how to get started will be greatly

    Last Post By: SkeeterPee Today, 01:30 Go to last post

    Great Smoky Mountains Thru Hiker Permit

    Thread Starter: methodman

    When you go online to get the permit, what are the acceptable methods of payment? Also, are you able to print the permit immediately or is there a waiting

    Last Post By: Slow Trek Yesterday, 23:20 Go to last post

    FS: Nemo Hornet 2p Tent

    Thread Starter: dwcoyote

    I'm selling my 2p Nemo Hornet Tent that has exactly 1 night of use. Great, lightweight tent and the only reason I bought it is because my youngest kid

    Last Post By: Bearded_Shrek Yesterday, 22:24 Go to last post

    Off the beaten path near Hidden Pond

    Thread Starter: schlanky

    I hiked from Juniper Springs Rec area out onto Hopkins and back a couple of times several years ago. Govt shutdown may kill my upcoming trip to Cumberland

    Last Post By: schlanky Yesterday, 22:21 Go to last post

    Dehydrated meals stored in ziplocs vs vacuum sealed bags

    Thread Starter: Journey

    My group is thinking of buying Mountain House in the #10 cans for the cost savings. Can we put single servings in ziploc bags or is it important to seal

    Last Post By: atraildreamer Yesterday, 22:15 Go to last post