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    Total Wireless coverage on the AT?

    Thread Starter: Bearded_Shrek

    Since it is a sister company of Verizon, I was curious if anyone has used TW on the AT?

    How was the coverage?

    Last Post By: Chain Saw Today, 00:03 Go to last post

    States where you have seen a bear

    Thread Starter: rickb

    States where you have seen a bear (check all that apply)-- and no a bear in a cage does not count.

    Last Post By: Odd Man Out Today, 00:02 Go to last post

    What did you do today?

    Thread Starter: Slo-go'en

    I climbed Carter dome to make bubbles.

    Also for the view:

    Hiked up to Carter notch hut via 19 mile brook trail.

    Last Post By: blazetrails Yesterday, 22:50 Go to last post

    Colorado Thru Hike

    Thread Starter: CrumbSnatcher

    For those that have hiked the CT, Did you Plan/show up to Colorado early before the hike to try to acclimate to the elevation before hiking? few days

    Last Post By: Todd13 Yesterday, 22:45 Go to last post


    Thread Starter: HankIV

    There seem to be a lot of choices for insoles.

    1. Do you use them?

    2. If so, what kind and why?

    I recognize

    Last Post By: HankIV Yesterday, 22:15 Go to last post

    Copper Spur UL2 HV

    Thread Starter: jgillam

    Used Copper Spur UL2 HV with factory footprint (not the tarp that was used in the photos)

    Stuff sacks for the tent and poles are included

    Last Post By: jgillam Yesterday, 22:02 Go to last post