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Some interesting bits and pieces regarding this weekend's trip

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So the past few days have been a scramble to get the little things done for my husband's pack. Repackaging, weighing, counting calories, and making sure that all is set up for an enjoyable first time backpacking. This has been good for me. It has made me step back and look at my own pack as I have watched beginner videos and such trying to make sure that I keep his needs forefront and not go into my mile crunching auto pilot mode. I listen to youtube on my way to work and have read several blogs. It has been like a "back to basics" crash coarse for me! I really think that this weekend will be fun for him and oddly enough, a learning experience for me.
I did discover one fantastic thing though! While repackaging to make his pack lighter and more comfortable, I went ahead and dumped my pack. I noticed that I had all of my compression straps pulled all the way down and the wheels in my head started turning... I ran to the closet and grabbed my old college backpack... low and behold! All of my weekend gear fit into what used to be my day pack! I have unintentionally become an ultra lighter!
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