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Adventure of K.O.G.

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Well I have made it to Dawsonville and extremely excited. My shuttle will be picking me up at 9am. I will be starting off at springer mountain... Checked the weather so should be good for about 10 miles lol maybe before the rain kicks in... I wonder how restless I will be tonight... My Sunshine will be without me for at least 3 months, which will be the longest we have spent apart so should be interesting... Been wanting to do this since 93 and my mom and I would have done it in 2000 but she passed in 98 so this trip means more to me than any activity and Sunshine stands behind me 100%... So will try to keep up with this journal when I can... See y'all on the trail...
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  1. K.O.G.'s Avatar
    Good Morning lol ... Well we slept well only to get up find no caffeinated coffee in the room lol... Me and My Sunshine are sitting at a diner having coffee and some breakfast..: less than an hour before the shuttle gets here and it is A BEAUTIFUL Morning.... Gonna take a pic when I get to springer not sure about a video just yet lol