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Bulin BL3000-F2 lightweight portable lantern

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This is a review of the Bulin BL3000-F2 lightweight portable lantern. In the box is the lantern with a removable 18” hanging chain, an adapter for butane canister to lindal valve (camp gas canister), three mantles, and a small plastic storage box. It’s a great little lantern with a metal globe that won’t break like the more common glass globes. It weighs 149g with the chain, which seemed a bit heavy (17g), so I removed it. The lantern itself weighs 132g. It fits commonly available hiking fuel canisters and also came with an adapter to fit the tall butane cooking canisters. It has a reliable piezoelectric igniter that usually works on the 1st click. This lantern will NOT burn without a mantle! On high (not its brightest high flame levels the brightness drops), it appears to burn just under ~2g of fuel per minute, which should give 2hrs run time on a 230g canister (worst case). At max brightness it burns ~3g of fuel in 4 minutes (~5 hrs run time). It can be turned way down and should last far longer (at least triple the time) at lower output levels. I also tried using it as a backup stove to heat water. Although it works, it is very slow (6+min for an open Ti cup). It's a little heavy to be lugging around for any distance (a headlamp serves much better) but fun for short hikes. I went back and used the Olicamp XTS pot and the boil times for a cup of water were 10min (~3g fuel) on low and 4:30 (~4g) fuel on high with butane. If you are using it, and you want hot water, might as well not waste the heat.

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