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Harpers Ferry to Ed Garvey Shelter

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Hiked from Harpers Ferry up the Appalachian Trail to Ed Garvey Shelter over the weekend. Overnight parking was easy at the main visitors center for Harpers Ferry and they have a free bus that takes you downtown. Food was good, I ate a burger and an ice cream cone on the way out....had fries and ice cream when I got back.
The views from Weverton Cliffs were awesome, as were the river views along the canal path. Ed Garvey shelter was in great shape and the other hikers that gathered were a hoot! Interesting, most of them were inexperienced and out because they had seen the movie "A Walk in the Woods". Beware, water at the shelter is almost a half mile down hill (.42) and there were stink bugs infesting the shelter, stinky little buggers they are. Also, be on the lookout for the Yeti.

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    Nice video Kaptain, thanks for sharing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kenbrenner
    Nice video Kaptain, thanks for sharing...
    . thanks kenbrenner!