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Hiking in France

Nobember traffic in Georgia

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I am considering a short hike from Springer to Mountain Crossing and then back to Springer. Just wondering how much hiker traffic will be going on Mid to Late November. I guess there will be the South bounders finishing up. Should I start further North to avoid the influx of SB. Will the shelters be empty
I've been wondering what to expect as far as freezing temperatures during this time of year. Not too cold yet? I think water will be no problem.
Any chatter from the hiking community will be helpful.
Go easy on me as this is the first post in a while....thanks in advance hikerbob from FL.
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  1. Dan Roper's Avatar
    Traffic on the AT in mid- to late November will be light. You won't have a problem with crowds. There's no such thing as a SOBO influx - too few, too spread out. You might see a few section hikers and undoubtedly will see a fair number of day hikers at Blood, at Springer, and probably at Preaching Rock (Cedar Mountain).

    Water will not be an issue.

    Weather depends and you'll really have to wait until three or four days prior to your trip to get a decent long-range forecast. But weather could be anything from very cold to very wet to mild. You could have snow and subfreezing temps or balmy late autumn sunshine in the 50s or even 60s.