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Razor Burn

A Question About Mail

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Is there an exact science to sending/receiving mail? I've got a rough estimate of when I'll be reaching certain cities/towns/hobbit holes, but other than that I don't know what else there is to do.

I guess what I'm trying to ask is:

Is there any other planning that needs to go into getting mail other than ETAs?


- Razor Burn -


  1. Mike Davis's Avatar
    Nothing much to do except write your eta on the package (for resupply maildrops) and make sure anyone mailing to you has the dates you expect to be wherever. The p.o. Will hold your mail for a month. Also read about bounce boxes and forwarding. I kept a list of most p.o.'s town and zip, just in case I wanted to forward excess stuff and had some pre addressed labels to send unneeded stuff home.