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Red Laces

Section Hike Daleville ---> Harpers Ferry

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Starting May 7th at Dalville NB to HF.. anyone been through there recently? Just looking to get general trail info, pluses or minuses.
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  1. NJdreamer's Avatar
    I don't know where Daleville is but I hiked from Harper's Ferry to Manassa, Virginia, 50 miles SB last week. Trail is clear generally except between Sawmill Shelter and Dick's Dome Shelter (both in Virginia), there were trees across the trail and in one part, several trees down in same spot (worse closer to Dick's Dome Shelter). The ticks are active on this part of the trail, too, so be sure to check for them.
  2. Red Laces's Avatar
    thanx... those will prolly be my last 3 days on the trail
  3. bblankin's Avatar
    I've been hiking the northern half of that section over the past few years (short trips, not often enough). When you get near The Priest shelter it's worth a short side-trip to see Crabtree Falls. When you get to Harper's Creek and Maupin Field shelters, you're getting close to Humpback Rocks. There are lots of great vistas in the area, and make sure you don't miss the rocks! (There will be lots of day hikers there on the weekend, but it's still a must-see.) Shenandoah National Park is beautiful from start to finish. Lots of concessionaires, but Big Meadows is the place for barbecue and blackberry cobbler. Just south of the A little north of Bird's Nest shelter the AT goes right by Mary's Rock -- a short scramble is rewarded by a true 360-degree vista. One great feature of the area from Shenandoah National Park north to Harper's Ferry is that you're always near a water source. Once you get north of Linden Va (I-66) you find the joys of the Roller Coaster lots and lots of PUDs.