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At Log Books

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Hi everyone,

Here is something that had me perplexed over the years. We all sign into the logbooks at the AT shelters (and others). Whatever happens to them when they're full or too damaged to uses any more at the end of the season? Does a hobbit come along and collect them, are they archived somewhere, or just discarded?
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  1. sparky2000's Avatar
    The book has the donors name and address in it. Once full a volunteer
    hiker is expected to mail the book to the donor and someone will'
    donate a replacement. Pens can be a real problem SO bring your own.
  2. NY HIKER 50's Avatar
    I don't leave home without one. I use a gel pen since damp paper is hard to write on. I guess that the journal is only good for the time it's in a shelter and they never get archive by any of the clubs?
  3. II DOGS's Avatar
    That is a very good question . Last time on the AT ( 20 yrs ago ) the shelters in Smoky Mtns Nt'l Park just had an old worn out spiral notebook to make entries in . Things have changed . It seems reasonable that the donor might donate filled books to the AT conservancy? They are of historical value for certain . I worked in power generation as an operator for 33 yrs . The company saved all the log books ever filled , back to plant start date .

    Happy trails !
  4. spe111's Avatar
    Thanks for the question.... I've been wondering the same thing.