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December 4th - More Prep – but almost there!!

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December 4th - More Prep – but almost there!!We officially bought our last necessity today! How crazy is this?!

Almost everything has been sold and now we are planning our trip to Georgia. We also ordered the AT Companion Guide last night and it should be here tomorrow. JB is keeping an eye on the weather and today, it was actually WARMER in Dawsonville, GA than it was in Las Vegas today. Needless to say, JB and I are both ready to go.

We have a plan for the car, we have a plan for the food, we have a plan for the return trip, and best of all…we have a plan for us. This morning when I woke – it was the first time I felt like I belonged in this crazy AT filled world. Putting the final touches on our trip makes me love this decision, even if our to-do list keeps growing!

Now here comes the downside... We are growing more and more anxious to leave, which you can imagine, and it is causing stress on both of us. It feels like we are so close, yet so far away. Making the drive to GA from Las Vegas makes me more nervous than him, but I know he is feeling it too. In a way, it’s kind of comforting…
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