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A Few Things bought for the trail....

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11/30 – Some things bought for the Trail…
Today was a productive day in terms of the hike…We picked up our packs and a few odds and ends. We are in the process of selling everything we own basically to run off to the trail. This has been one hell of an experience as we realize that we are about to step into the unknown. We basically are only leaving back enough money to get a new apartment when we get done with the trail. We may stay in Maine or we may go back down to North Carolina. We honestly don’t know what our plan will be until we get on the trail.

12/1 – More Things bought for the Trail…
Today, we picked up our tent, sleeping bags, and some more odds and ends. Our gear list is almost complete. She showed a little nervousness today, which concerned me, but overall, we are ready to get this done. I just hope that she isn’t only doing this to help me accomplish my dream. She needs this hike every bit as much as I do. She just may not know it yet…Either way, I am ready to get this started. We have literally sold everything we own…it’s time to WALK…..We will be leaving Vegas this week to get things started.

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