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2015 NoBo Gear List Critique Please!

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First things first, you can find my list here:

Planning on March 25 - April 5 start window. I'm a recent Army Vet, I'm in good shape and I'm used to walking a long way with a MUCH heavier pack. I know my feet, I like being outside and know what its like to be "miserable", wet and dirty, etc.

I have yet to purchase an insulation layer, so feel free to give input on that. I'm currently torn between Down or Synthetic Mont-Bell offerings....synthetic as a "safe/just in case" choice when paired with my down quilts.(

I am also considering picking up a windshirt (e.g. Houdini)

Also, any input on something like Dynamo windpants in lieu of true rain pants is welcome.

I think this list is pretty good, I've had the opportunity for one 3 day solo shakedown with most of it...but I would like the input of thru-hikers to let me know if I have left off anything important or even "nice to have". (also please chime in if you notice an error in one of my listed weights!)

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