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Tool for calculating elevation gain on the AT?

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Quote Originally Posted by Odd Man Out View Post
Map Man has an article where he reports his calculations for elevation gain and drop per mile for each section of the trail. I extracted this data to a spread sheet and used it to calculate total elevation gain and drop per section. From this, you can easily calculate the drop and gain for any section you are hiking. The data is probably a few years old, so there will be some differences between today's numbers and these numbers. But I don't know a better data source. What is different about these numbers is that he didn't just subtract the net change of elevation between points, but counted contour lines crossed (up and down) on topo maps for each section. the data is for a NOBO hiker. For a SOBO, the gains become drops and the drops become gains.

this is the article

This is my spreadsheet.
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