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Entire thru-hike with no blisters. One thru-hiker's methods.

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I walked the AT in 2013 & only had one blister (right heel two days after replacing shoes). I used trail running shoes (Brooks Cascadias; loose fit), merino wool socks (REI & Darn Tough), Dirty Girl Gaiters, & BlisterShield foot powder (works great). Typically, I try to air out my feet often. On the AT, I was wet so much I didn't bother after a while. I made sure I aired out my feet @ camp w/ no socks & my Crocs (assuming it wasn't freezing).

As a general rule, I rarely blister. I'm careful that the shoes or boots I get feel perfect before I leave the store w/ them.

I'd also highly recommend trail runners for a thru-hike. Keep your pack weight down & your feet should be 'okay.' Your feet will still ache putting in mile after mile of trail. Particularly if it is rocky.

Good luck on your hike.
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