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Thinking ahead and wondering if anyone is interested?

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So a couple years a go I began a SOBO hike and I only made it to the North Adams, MA area. I went up and over Mt. Greylock and then kind of fizzled out...To be honest leaving the trail was something I regret more then anything. I think about it all the time I prepared and all the excitement before I left. I tell myself that I will get back out there and complete it someday. I got off the trail for a few reason's, but not because of my physically ability or because I wasn't having fun but mostly because I was alone. I lost my hiking buddy in Southern New Hampshire and after that I had a hard time going at it alone. I met someone at the long trail Inn and we hiked for a while but he was really slow and it didn't work out. I have doubles and triples of gear I need, the finances saved up, and I have done so much to prepare. Now I have a teaching job that allows me the summers off, June 11th- till the end of august, beginning of September. So with saying all that, 2015 is going to be the year for me. I am more than ready and am more motivated then every to go. The fact that I have been out there before makes it better because I know what to expect. I learned a lot from the first time around and I think this a huge benefit for me. I learned that I AM going to bring a tent because sleeping in the shelters was very hard for me with all the snoring and noise etc.. and that I will not rely only on drop boxes to resupply myself. What a pain in the butt!! I only have one hesitation and that is being alone. This is what has brought me to this forum today to discuss this because I am hoping that they is another person out there that does not want to hike alone and is thinking about a 2015 thru hike. I will explain more of what I am mostly looking for. I don't mind if it's a small group, a couple, or just a single person. I don't need to be hiking with the person all day but just knowing that when I get to the final destination at night that there will be someone that will be there sharing the space and that in the morning we can make a plan and then part ways if need be. I am flexible on the time that I start, it can be anytime between June 12th and June 20th, or so. I grew up in New Hampshire and spent 11 years living in Portland, ME so I have a lot of connections with rides, places to stay etc... I know this is a bit early to be discussing this but if there is anyone out there that would like to get to know me more and possibly take me up on this offer then please contact me. Thanks for reading and i wish everyone luck!
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