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My training for 2015, Training Day 18 - 21

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Training Day 18 - 21: June 27 - 30
I decided last weekend was the time to start hiking for real. With the equipment already listed, 4 days food, merino wool long under layer, a compression shirt and a spare pair of liner socks, I set out on Friday afternoon with a total pack weight of about 40 pounds. I would have preferred to start earlier in the day, but I was depending on a ride to a bus that goes to the trail. By the time I got to the trail the temp was in the 90ís.

The first 2 miles climb 2000 feet with the next 4.5 miles climbing to 10,500. The starting elevation is about 6,600 feet. I camped at the 6.5 mile mark, in Barr Camp. Saturday I spent most of the day around camp and parked in the outhouse. I think some elk jerky or the heat didnít agree with me, even though I hydrated consuming 2 liters of water in the 6.5 miles. On Sunday I did the remaining 6.8 miles which climbs from 10,500 to 14,110 on the top of Pikes Peak. I then hiked back to Barr Camp and 10,500 feet.

When I got to the top I watched some of the race cars at the finish line for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. What amazing fun that must be. They average 90.4 miles per hour for the cars and 74.5 for the motorcycles, on a road with 156 turns and elevation climb from 9,390 feet to 14,110 feet. Unfortunately one of the motorcycle riders crashed just after finishing and later died of his injuries. He was the first driver to die since 1982 and only the 9th in the 97 year history of the race which is the second oldest in the United States.

I challenge anyone in the country to beat that for a Sunday Hike! How amazing is it to, Camp in the forest, hike 6.8 miles, watch some of the most amazing motor vehicles race, eat donuts at 14,110 and then hike back into the woods and camp under a zillion stars on a beautiful clear night and the only sound the wind in the pine trees?

I have read about rocks on the trail in Pennsylvania. How do they compare to these at 13,000 feet on the Barr Trail?

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I do need to purchase hiking shoes/boots with a super arch support and good heel grip. I was in a lot of pain on the last couple of miles and slipped many times because the heels on my current boots didnít grip well.
All in all it was a great hike and a good first outing with a pack at weight.

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