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2014 Katahdin Stream Campground questions answered

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The name of the mountain is Katahdin, the summit is Baxter Peak.
Share - the bus ride, the shuttle, the campsite - save $, make friends.
Your bus gets in many miles away from the Park at 7:30 at night. You are not going to camp in the Park that night.
Contact the AT Lodge about their MEGA deal, they'll pick you up at the bus stop, put you up for the night, and take you to KSC the next morning.
It's really a good deal.

Watch the snow melt here:
and here:
and from the east:
New Abol Bridge Store webcam - see the actual AT!

You're not going to climb on May 15th. Plan your start for later.
More often than not, the Abol Slide trail opens before the Hunt trail.
Here's my 'unofficial' list of opening dates over the last decade plus:

'13 May 24th
'12 May 20th
'11 Park canceled traditional May 15th opening, Abol open Memorial day weekend.
'10 May 25th
'09 May 20th for both Hunt and Abol
'08 Park canceled traditional May 15th opening, Abol and Hunt open May 29th.
'07 May 31st
'06 Abol May 15th, Hunt May 18th
'05 June 4th
'04 May 16th, the AT was a brook between the Falls and the Hunt Spur.
'03 May 24th
'02 May 15th (Day hikers summited via Abol May 10th)
'01 prior to May 20th
'00 Memorial Day Weekend
'99 May 18th (per South Walker '99)

You want to book a lean-to for the night before and after your climb. Your gear stays dry, you can get a pre-tourist start in the AM, and you get to recover from the AT's hardest 10.2 miles around a campfire. The long hike out the next day to Hurd Brook Lean-to can be a slog with tired legs, so relax and get a well deserved good night's sleep.

Tent sites 16 and 17 are roomy, plenty of space for two or three backpacking tents,
Lean-tos 1-3 are quiet walk-ins, lean-tos 4-8 are streamside and away from the parking area.
Reservation information:
Buy a bundle of firewood or two at the Ranger's cabin. Cash only, you can also buy maps and guides.
Note: The AT has been relo'd to go straight across the tote road and behind Grassy Pond, a throw back to the route Earl Shaffer took.
Yes, you can start before 7 AM if the trail was open the day before.
Local radio station and weather: You can hear the weather report all the way to Whitecap.

After you hike out the next day plan on a stop at the rebuilt Abol Bridge Store. New owners, and good eats.
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