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KingGator and Sons

Appalachian Trail Journal Entry #19 - The AT is not it for New 2 The Wild!

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Once this trail is over, one of our next adventures that we are going to try to get into is SCUBA DIVING and underwater photography....I want you all to know that our adventures will never stop...This is NOT just about the Appalachian Trail. Yes, in 2013, it is, but eventually you will see the PCT, CDT, Florida Trail, Scuba Diving, etc....I plan on jumping into several adventures. I just woke up one day and said, "I am tired of sitting around doing nothing"...I realized how much of LIFE I was truly missing. I only have 7 years left of my kids childhood. 2 years left of my daughters, 5 years left of Manatees, and 7 years left of lil Gators....I really want to give them everything. I am gonna buy a RV and a BOAT next year too. I am thinking about traveling the USA via RV for ONE COMPLETE YEAR and getting all of the sights....Then with the boat...well...lets just say that will be the biggest adventure yet that may take YEARS once started...lol...Gotta get the wife to get her captains license I think though and I gotta get my "passport" issues taken care of...lol...My point is...NEW 2 THE WILD is an ongoing project that I plan on using to write many books...go on many adventures....What is funny about an argument I got into with some troll earlier is that we talked about Mt. Everest. Mt. Everest is ACTUALLY a goal of mine, but I am WELL AWARE that I must be in 100% tip top shape for that and have around $80,000 to get it done. That isn't even a legitimate idea for quite some time. Right now, my goals are ALL 10 SCENIC TRAILS in the USA, RV'n around the country, scuba diving and underwater adventure, and then the big one....BOATING across the world or at least MOST OF IT. I would definitely recommend staying on this page for quite some time.... You guys will see our MANY VICTORIES and our MANY FAILURES...either way, it should be a good time.