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KingGator and Sons

Appalachian Trail Journal Entry #18 - GEAR List!

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Ok, I just did my food list, so please go check that status out and give me ALL advice that you feel will be helpful. Now, lets talk about gear lists...Here is what I plan on taking...I will gladly update with the actual models as we go...

Packs x 3
Bags x 3
Tent (3 man)
Pack Covers x 3 (Trash bags?)
Stuff Sacks x ??
Thermarest Pads x 3
Roll Sacks x 3

Cups x 3 (Maybe not...may just eat out of zip lock bags..)
Sporks x 3
Towel to clean up
Gatorade Bottles x 6
Water Filter x 2
Food Bag x 2 or x 3

Trek poles x 3
Short Sleeve Shirt x 3
Shorts x 3
Pants x 3
Shoes x 3
Socks x 3
Underwear x 3
Beanies/Hats x 3
Bandanas x 3 (FOR MULTI-USAGE)

CLOTHES (packed)
Camp Shoes x 3 (Crocks)
Rain Jackets x 3
Long Sleeve Shirt x 3
Wool Socks x 3
Long Johns x 3
Beanies x 3
Underwear x 3
T-Shirts x 3
Shorts x 3

Head Lamps x 3
Dr. Brommers Soap or Sanitizer
Toilet Paper x 6
Deet/Bug Spray
Nail Clippers (Maybe not)
Lighters x 2
Water Tablets for Backup
Duct Tape (May tape it to my poles)
Pain Meds (A MUST HAVE)
Blister treatment
50 ft. Rope (Should I get 3 of these?)
Journals x 3 (May not need due to phone apps that translate our spoken words into text)
First Aid (Is only one of these ok?)
Tooth brush x 3
Tooth paste
iphones x 4
cameras x 2
external battery
mp3 for boys to share
stick pic
tablet for writing and school work (A NECESSITY) (We may need to bounce this ahead as we go...not sure)
Wallet (May not need)
Guide Book (Companion...I am leaving data book home for the wife if we are still together...lol)
Dry Bags
Watch (May not need)