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Appalachian Trail Journal Entry #17 - FOOD List!

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Today, lets talk food and gear lists....I will put both my food list and gear list up today and of course I am open and appreciative of all advice or recommendations. In terms of food, I know I will get tried of things and eventually switch out. I will be sending my first mail drop when I leave. I will never pre-mail more than one week or maybe two ahead, because you never know what can happen...I typically will carry 3-5 days worth of food depending on location of the trail. I have read a very good document that has given me even better ideas in terms of how much food to carry and when to resupply or get mail drops. Later I will post my resupply plan...

FOOD IDEAS (for the beginning)
Pop Tarts (1 pack per person per day)
Instant Coffee (Yes, I refuse to not have that luxury)

Trail Mix (1 bag per person per day pre made at home)

Snack Crackers (1 per person per day)
Peanut Butter (Will Crustables hold up and stay good?)
Crystal Lite

Granola Bars (1 per person per day)
Candy Bars (1 per person per day)
Raw Revolution Bars (Thank you for your sponsorship...They sent me 400 bars)

Noodles (1 per person per day)
Pasta Sides (1 per person per day)
Pepperoni or Beef Sticks
Crystal Lite

I will also have sugar for our coffee (packets)

How does this sound? What are your recommendations? I am thinking that having BOTH noodles and pasta sides are too much each dinner, so maybe we should do one day noodles and one day pasta sides?

Believe it or not, BEVERAGES MATTER TO ME almost more than food. I know I will drink water a lot, but beverages are one luxury I refuse to do without on this trail. The kids deserve koolaid and I would like us to wake up every day and have a hot cup of coffee or cocoa...Yes, I let my kids drink coffee. They drink a cup before school every day now. Never more than one. My kids make straight A's, so maybe it's the coffee? LOL!