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may 18th

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Im up and out May 18th , WV,MD,PA to Maine/ .
Starting anywhere between Harpersferry and Mount Holly Springs. ( south mountain area)
Have yet to decide on my drop off location... otherwise Im squared away, beisde the fact my guidebook is a outdated.
(gave away last years ATC guide book to a German thru hiker I met who had somehow lost his..)

I think im just going to go hard, stay away from the money pit hostles, to many bad experiances.
In the past, At times, I felt If I was getting nickle and dime to death by a few of them . Thats goes for the same
with shuttle services. Seems to me more people every year are trying to capitalize on the AT hikers. Vast number of them, probaly never hiked past
there own backyards. ..
while on this rant.. . Its it me or has anybody else notice that whiteblaze sure does have a lot of "know it all - one uppers" .
I dont think these guys could rub two stick together and make fire if thier life depending on it.


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ID:	21661 taken from the shelter (Built during WW2) on top of Grandfather Mountain, NC.
I recommend if you have not been there. Get off the AT and hike it.
There is also a old cesna plane crash up there on the east side , scout trail.
Its pretty awesome.
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  1. sfdoc's Avatar
    Is that Cesna kind of nestled in the trees somewhat intact or is all smashed up? When I was in the final phase of Special Forces training in 1968, we tried to have cases of beer air-dropped to us using "poncho parachutes" (it works!). During the drop, the plane crashed into the treetops and kinda slid down the trees like it was some kind of elevator. Please advise. Thanks. Also, have a great hike.

  2. RobUgly's Avatar
    Several pieces. 50yard Debris field.
  3. Teacher & Snacktime's Avatar
    If your opinion of WhiteBlaze folks is so low, why are you bothering to post your journals to us? Being so clueless, we can't possibly have any real appreciation for your endeavor. Why would you want recognition and attention from those for whom you have no respect?
  4. RobUgly's Avatar
    seriously ? go troll somewhere else, ya' loony liberal .
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