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Fireweed - An Older Woman Who Hikes Solo and With Friends

Should have started in

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Connectivity has been sparse. We abandoned Pennsylvania in Port Clinton, and after a daring mid day raid on the largest Cabella's in the US we headed to Maryland's northern border. We did the whole state (only 45+ miles) into Harper's Ferry and hiked in record breaking heat. PA was record breaking cold. been that kind of trip. So, here we are, nearing Damascus, VA where I left off last spring. It's raining and 75 so that's a good thing. John may be heading out after this Friday and I'll likely continue until the snow is gone in Anchorage. We've had a great time, met great and interesting people and seen spring arrive in about 48 hours after a rain storm. As usual, there's a line waiting for the computer. But we are alive and well, if a bit sunburned and foot sore. Those rocks in PA do sort of migrate south....Keep walking!
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