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day three. sleeping in luxury

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Hi from the AT. It is day three and 31 miles or 1.5% of the journey. This night I will be staying at a hostel took a shower and will be sleeping in a real bed. For the first two days hiker Earthgirl has been with me and had helped ease the transition from the old world I am leaving behind an the new one that I am beginning to experience. I thought as she drive away it would be a moment of pause known that my way back home was that trail thru the woods. I thought that I would feel very far from home. What I did feel however is I was home andI do feel wonderful being here.

As Earthgirl left two others Sunshine and Canible curious came along for the 3 rd day and kept me company. Additionally to add to Earthgirl's trail angel's status she took all our packs on her way home and advanced it 10 miles allowing us to "slack pack " or carry just a day pack , for those miles and prepaid our fees. Tonight I am safe and warm at the hostel where I recovered my full pack.

Along the way I have received from several other trail angels who at one shelter brought us all a can of beer and a brownie each. Another group provided a burger chip and soda dinner another can of beer came later. Also there has been much sharing of trail foods amoung the community of thru hikers which is making the trail foods a lot more interesting with the sharing and combining adding variety to the menu. I have been offered to be shuttled though I didn't need that ride.

For the next two or three days it is in a area further away from the regular world so the AT community will more of a support structure and i will need to be less reliant then the non trail world.

I have also coordinated my first mail drop hoping to pick up my first care package in about a week. For others who wish to send a care project let me know so I can coordinate where and when to send and the lead time you will need.

For those who have offered to pray My biggest short term challenge will be the weather which is predicted to be cold and rainy and at the limits of my gear. The other concern is my knees hold out an they have been doing ok so far.

Much thanks to everyone who is supporting me on my journey.

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