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My clothing system for the AT 9 Days till take off

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Deciding what to wear is such a personal thing. I know that every time I go out, I take less and less. This is the current version of the truth for this trip.

Base layer: Columbia bottoms -omni heat- I'm wearing them in the profile pic. Mt. Hardwear zip T for the top.

Hot weather: running shorts and Patagonia poly/wool T shirt - ultra light. Got it on sale for 70% off! Had a tiny snag :-) Love it

Cool weather: REI upf 30 Long sleeved button front. Love the zip pocket and vents. Mammut lightweight hiking pants - wear like iron and always look good. Yes, I'm a bit vain. I do carry an extra shirt. A short sleeved version of the REI shirt.

Warmth: Columbia pile vest, pile gloves, pile watch cap, pile ear band. I use my rain gear for a wind breaker if needed.

Rain: I have finally, after more years (read decades) than I should admit to, have replaced my Marmmot rainparka. Now I have an REI gortex and it breathes really well. I've been in downpours as well as fast hiking and so far so good. And it matches my ear band. More vanity. And it was on sale. I do like to keep it inexpensive where I can. Then I can spend on the important stuff.

I don't use rain pants. Maybe this will be the year I'll wish I had them. I don't mind rain and I don't mind being wet if I can keep the wind off.

Obviously I layer all the above as required. I often sleep in my base layer.

For undies, 2 sets. One to wear and one to have dry/clean. I used to take more, but it just seemed like I carried dirty clothes around.

Camp shoes: I use super cheapo crock look-a-likes from the super cheap stores like Dollar General or Family Dollar. They weigh about 1/3 of real crocks, have lasted for 1000 miles and cost about $4.00 I do have a pair of camp sox that I NEVER wear in my shoes, only in camp shoes and sleep in them too.

Hiking footwear: I use smartwool sox, the thick ones, even when it's hot. I like the cushioning. I wear trail runners. Salomon, climate shield, with speed laces. My feet don't sweat much so I can handle the waterproof version w/out getting blisters or passing out from the odor. I'm on my second pair. haven't decided if I'll get something more substantial for NH or not. These did well on the rocks in NY & NJ so I may stick with them.

NH will require my puff ball in addition to the above. Until I get to altitude, I'm happy with the above layers.

I'm told that the underquilt makes a great shawl while in camp. I'll give it a try and keep you posted.

Keep walking,