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Hi from Starchild

In a few more weeks, and only 2 more weekends left to try things out, I plan to be dropped off at the southern end of the Appalachian Trail (AT) in Georgia and start heading north towards Maine. That said I have never done anything like this before, though I know I am made to do this. It's quite a awesome thought when taken in it's entirety, and in many ways this is my first steps venturing out into the world as something I desire to do which I am implementing to do it.

Though broken down one step at a time and from resupply stop to resupply spot, trail town to trail town, it seems a lot more manageable. So that's how I plan to do it just one step at a time.

I do wish to thank all of you for your show of support and wanting to be kept informed about my progress, such support I really need to make this happen, I would not want to do this alone, and there is no reason to. I also greatly appreciate the great variety of support I have received. From transportation, to 'slackpacking' opportunities (having my overnight backpack forwarded so I only need to carry a day pack), to meeting up with me along the trail, to sending care packages, and to prayer support which is needed as this is as much a spiritual journey for me as a physical one.

I also will need and expect to receive support along the way in the community of AT Thru hikers and those who live along the trail and help them (called trail angels). It is this system of support both old friends and new that makes this trip possible for me and also very exciting as well as exploring new places and some feeling of know exactly knowing how some things will work but also knowing that they will work.

Much has fallen into place to allow this trip, I trip I feel I am meant to make and also long overdue, though there are still some things that I feel a better situation could happen and hope that the right solution will make itself apparent. My biggest concern for the trail itself is my knees, though in the last 2 weeks I have noticed a big improvement and that is going to confirm that I am to make this journey.

For getting things ready, my largest concern is care of my cat Pumpki, I do have a plan for her though it feels more like a backup plan. Other such concerns would be looking after the house, car, 2 house plants, mail, and several other things that I just feel a better solution can happen then what has presently presented itself.

For the last 2 paragraphs, for those who have offered to pray (or those who desire to), I would need to say that would be my request at the moment, that my knees do well and that the right solutions to thise issues happen and bring me peace. As well as if someone is willing to offer a solution to the above it may be what I am looking for.

For those who have offered to send care packages (or would like to), I would need to coordinate that with you so you know when to send it where. Also please keep in mind that though I know it will be greatly appreciated, I am unable to carry much, and also a little means a lot. For meeting up along the trail that too will need to be coordinated. For both I plan to be able to email via my smartphone, which I suspect will be my primary means of communication, and also backup method of navigation, along the trail.

I desire and know that this journey will change me forever, my outlook on life and my connection to humanity and this world as is my desire.


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