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Son Driven

Zero Days

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Brother I commend you on taking the Lord's Day seriously. Christians like you are an endangered species in our open 7-days/week world. Its pretty simple taking a zero in the woods. Carry an extra day of food, and wherever you stop Saturday(shelter or campsite) that's where you'll restart Monday. Just be aware that afew places have rules against staying consecutive nights in shelters, or campsites (i.e. GSMNP you can't stay more than one night at any shelter).

Neros into town are pretty common. And if you find yourself in town on a Sunday (or even Saturday) don't be afraid to visit a church. Many of them hold hikers breakfasts (First Baptist Franklin, NC). You're on an adventure so why not try taking some different flavors of Christianity. Go to a Black Gospel church, a Pentecostal Holiness, etc. We're all part of the Body and there's no wrong way to praise God. Wash a snake, handle some feet (or vice-versa). Use that smart phone map feature to find a church when you cross the road. In the South you're never far from one. Also those mountain are one the best churches around too (there is a reason they're called "Mountain top experiences").
Yes, I have had good experiences in my past experiencing different fellowships. When I can work it out to arrive in a town on a Saturday, I will get a room, or hostel bed, and plan on attending a local place of fellowship. If not I will fellowship with The Lord in the woods, and invite anyone around me to join if they like.
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