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Rollin' into Spring 2012 with hiker gusto.

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With 2012 being so mild up here in PA, the section hiker season started early for me. My friend and I have been doing day hikes since January and went on our first weekend hike of the season last week. It was GLORIOUS to be back out on trail.

So, after reading "Stick's Blog" for the past few months, I've been gathering ideas on how to make my pack lighter. During my hike I found that cutting back weight in my pack has put a pep in my step and a HUGE smile on my face. I was able to hike 12 miles in one day... where as in years before I was croaking after 7.

STORY TIME: We heard sirens all night after making camp near Port Clinton on Friday. We dismissed it for an accident. However in the morning there were helicopters zooming overhead. We ran into T-Bone who updated us. There was a forest fire 2 miles from our camp and the firemen would allow us to cross through the barricades to continue on trail. The conditions were so dry and the wind was up, however God kept us from being consumed by this fire as we slept. Anyway, as we were crossing through the smoldering wood, helicopters were dumping water on the surrounding wooded area. Our group was dodging the falling water and laughing so hard. It was probably the funniest part of the morning. Yes, we were so grateful to have had a wonderful time over the weekend considering what could have happened.

I look forward to reading everyone's insight and hiking tips here on

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