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Training for North Carolina

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Yesterday we loaded up our backpacks with 25 pounds for Wait-up and 15 pounds for me. Then we drove to Pond Creek bridge and walked up and down the hill on both sides of the bridge for a total of 7 miles. Time was 2 hours and 20 minutes. If you live anywhere around here, you know that the Pond Creek hills are pretty good ones; I crinch when I see folks riding bikes up the hill on either side of the creek.

Felt good to put my backpack on. But before it was over, I was ready to get it off again! It was a pretty warm day, so that didn't help any. We were tired, but felt that we were in better shape this year than last year when we started out on the AT since we have been training for awhile now on the bleachers at the soccer field. Walking up the hill was different though since there was not much flat land between, it was steady walking uphill.

We plan to do this once a week or so between our soccer field training just to break the monotony of training.

We're getting there! NC here we come!