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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

28 March 2010

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28 March 2010, Hiawassee
Today they called for extreme thunderstorm warnings. I have decided to take a zero day (day off). I really don't want to take a zero day. It is going to be boring as hell sitting around in this room all day.

I made a trip to Ingles Supermarket to pick up some ibuprofen and some snacks; while I was there I applied and received one of their discount cards. It saved me $1.18. I also stopped at Rite Aid and got some epsom salt to soak my feet in. I went to the Corner Cafe at 11:35 am and had a great breakfast.

Hiawassee is a nice cozy little town. It might be a place I could settle down in someday. The Hiawassee Inn is a nice inexpensive place to stay in. I have a roommate tonight. He does not have a trail name yet and I forgot his first name.

I have to leave town rain or shine tomorrow. I have to be in Franklin the morning of April 1st. That gives me three days of hiking with no days under 11 miles per day. This should not be a problem.

The Inn is all full tonight now. It seems like everyone came in from the rain.

Tonight I went to Daniel's for dinner, it is an all you can eat buffet. I went with Desert Reprobate.

Ron Haven, the owner of the Inn started knocking on doors and asked if anyone wanted to go out for Mexican food tonight. I was full but went just to socialize. We got back late and then I sat in the office with Ron shoot the breeze for an hour or so.
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