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Buffing up the Why

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Expectations are a fool's investment. As I prepare for the 6th of February, I keep this in mind. Don't get me wrong; I'm ready to roll. My "how" is hammered out and I'm geared up for life as a nomad, but I've got my chips elsewhere. My bet's on my "why". After all, no matter how bomb-proof, the "how" can go to hell in a hot second (and take one's expectations down with it). But the "why" is a little stronger.

Like I said, I'm ready. My body's in tip-top shape, my pack weight is trimmed, and my gear is rain, cold, and even snow-tested. I'm ready for war. I'm not, however, in this for victory. Sooner or later, the Appalachian Trail will whip me out there. So I'm trying not to obsess over "how" I'm gonna fight the elements, and trying to shape my thoughts around "why" I'm fighting them. I'm jamming my energy flow to high expectations and diverting it towards strong paradigm. Rather than the "how", my fuel's in the "why".

I won't expound on my own overarching "why" here, but I think everybody has gotta know, deep down, why they're standing on Springer Mountain looking north. So as I get ready, I'm keeping the expectations down. This nomad's strengthening the quads, but he's spending time buffing up the mission statement as well.
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