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Troll's 2010 AT Journal

New stove setup, glasses

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I also forgot to mention that I switched my stove setup over a month ago. I switched to the Caldera Cone. This system works better and faster than any alcohol stove system I have tried and I have tried a lot of alcohol stoves. It also uses less alcohol. I did switch out the stove that came with the system with the homemade stove that I had made for me. The reason that I switch out the stove was because my stove is the size and does the as good of a job as the stove that came with the cone. The cone makes all the difference though. It is custom fit to your pot but in my opinion it is well worth the money. For those interested in checking out the cone here is the link Caldera Cone.

I am also one more step closer on my checks list now that I have the WhiteBlaze software updated. I can now check that off my list of things to get done before I leave.

With the new forum software upgrade it also added blogs to the web site. This could prove to be an asset to the web site. User can us the blogs as journal software. I have already started moving my journals over to WhiteBlaze. It is really relatively easy to use the blogs as journal software. People will realize that if they give it a chance.

I picked up my new pair of prescription glasses three days ago for my thru hike. They cost $400 but I think that will be well worth it. They are photo sensitive lenses and wrap around the face just like the new style of sun glasses people are now
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