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Dirk's Rambles

July 26, 2021, Bear Mountain NY

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Taking a zero today. Have had several difficult days after passing from NJ into NY. A lot of boulder hoping and slow progress due to the rocks. We were exhausted. We are staying at the Bear Mountain Bridge Hotel. It is a small place with only 5 rooms. We were able to book a one bed room so I am taking the floor. Kilt is joining back up with us but the owners wouldn't let him stay in our room. The owners are Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa's first name is Allen. Very nice guy! Sarcastic sense of humor, which we love.

Yesterday we went through Bear Mountain State Park, which had groomed trails for probably the last five miles down to the Bear Mountain Bridge over the Hudson River. The trail at the bottom passed through a picnic area by a lake that was full of families of all cultural backgrounds- Hispanic, Black, Hassidic Jews, whites, etc. Pretty cool to see. Music was playing from radios, people playing. The trail also passed through a zoo, though the zoo did not have many animals. It was free to hikers/anyone. We got picked up off the trail by Grandpa who took us to his motel.

The night of July 24th we stayed in the West Mountain Shelter, located in Harriman State Park. From the shelter, we could see the skyline of NY City. We couldn't view it very clearly during daylight hours but at night it was more visible. Took some pictures.

Have been leap frogging with Mighty Moe, Fidget, and Mileage, three women we have met on the trail. Fidget and Mileage are hiking together. Mighty Moe is hiking by herself. She is a 72 year old lady who is as tough as nails.

We went to REI today. Kilt bought a new pair of shoes. I bought several items myself including a new water system. My CNOC bag began leaking in several places and my Sawyer filter had seen better days. I bought a Katydin filter because I heard so many good things about it.

Have had a great stay here. The breakfast place near the motel is excellent.
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