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Dirk's Rambles

Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 8:15 pm

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I am writing this post at Bearfence Hut at mile 919 in Shenandoah National Park. This is my first day back on the trail since taking 8 zeros due to my shin splint injury. I had left the trail on June 7th. My brother Alex, who is a nurse practitioner, had told me the only real way to heal shin splints is to rest them. I finally heeded his advice!

While off the trail I visited a physical therapist- Janell Smith-Emery. She has an office near Stahlstown, south of Ligonier. I know Janell from serving on the Ligonier YMCA board with her. She was very helpful. She prescribed arch supports for my feet, strength building exercises, taping my shins, and several other things. Immediately after my appointment with Janell, I drove to Gingerbread Man, a store that focuses on running shoes and other supports for active people. They did a computer analysis of my arches, then fit me with insoles that would meet my particular needs.

I had a wonderful week with Theresa. We were able to spend alot of time together. Already I miss her terribly. It was hard to get back on the trail. I got to spend time with many other friends while home such as Fred, Susan, and Rachel Schultz, Jim and Susan Antoniono, Dave and Susan Mignogna, Giles Guisbert, Betsy and Nevin Bossart, Anita and Jody Dinsmore. Got to visit with my mother almost every day, as well as her neighbor, Danny Frund.

I hiked nine miles today. No pain! I will be hiking 16 miles tomorrow. That will be a test.
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