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Dirk's Rambles

Monday, June 7, 2021, 9 pm

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Yesterday, June 6, I hiked 14 miles with my shins sore almost the entire time. When I woke up this morning, they were still sore, one of the few times they hurt the next day before walking on them. So I decided to get off the trail. This injury has been nagging me for several weeks so I needed to bite the bullet and give them meaningful rest. I broke the news to Tejas and Zey, who totally understood. I am so sorry to have to leave them, as they have been wonderful hiking partners. This injury has cost me three partners now- Tejas, Zey and Calves. All three have been wonderful.

I made a post in Facebook this morning telling everyone that I was going off the trail for at least a week. My niece, Kim Matson Seymore, responded that she is near by, is willing to come and get me, and will loan me her car to drive home. Kim is the daughter of my brother Chris and his wife, Carol Wuchina Matson. Kim is willing to let me keep the car for as long as I need to stay home. How generous!! So I hiked a little over 3 miles to Skyline Drive and met her there. I ended up spending the night because I wanted to get to know her two children a little better- Olivia and Jonah. They are such sweet children! We also went out to dinner with her husbands parents, Dave and Barb Seymore. My brother Bruce went to Potomac State, a branch campus of West Virginia University, and main campus of WVU with them in the mid 1970s. It was great spending time with all of them. They are great people! Jonah and Olivia love being read to, so I spent about 45 minutes reading to them before I went to bed. It has been a good night. I hope to see Scott, Kim's husband, in the morning. He is working late tonight.

Tomorrow I head home for what I hope is only a week off. I want to give my shins all the time they need so this problem goes away.
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